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I’m a photographer and graphic designer based in Barcelona. My interests have led me to carry out projects that deal with topics such as architecture, periphery, landscape and portraiture, among others. Currently I have been researching about the culture of fear and paranoia, which has led me to do the project “Alerta Mira-sol”. I combine my personal projects with comissioned stories for different brands and clients. Now I’m interested in expanding my knowledge in the fields of editorial design and video.


2020 - Present. Audiovisual Postgraduate at IDEP Barcelona
2019 - 2020. Advanced Graphic Design Postgraduate at IDEP Barcelona
2017 - 2020. Photography and Contemporary Creation Degree at IDEP Barcelona
2016 - 2017. 1st year Design Degree at EINA Barcelona


2020/10 - Present. Partner in Two Bricks. An Architecture Photography Studio
2020/09 - Present. Curator at Panorama. A digital platform to adress landscape issues through artistic projects
2020/08 - 2020/10. Assistant in Tanit Plana’s project Puber exhibited in La Virreina
2020/03 - Present. Personal Assistant of photographer Tanit Plana


2020. Selected for the Festival Mirades VIII with Sòl I Sostre
2020. Winner of V Fiebre Photobook Dummy Award with Alerta Mira-sol
2020. Winner of V Fiebre Photobook Audience Dummy Award with Alerta Mira-sol
2020. Selected in the New Generations Festival to talk about Alerta Mira-sol
2020. Winner of Idep Gun 2020 in the studies of Photography (best academic record)


2021. Alerta Mira-sol. Published with Dalpine


2019/12. Lapso at Idep Barcelona.


2021/01/28. New Generations: Alerta Mira-sol by Blanca Munt
Panorama: Alerta Mira-sol by Blanca Munt
2020/11/26. Kaltblut Magazine: Displacement Of Reality by Blanca Munt
2020/11/24. Neo2 Magazine: Sara Palma Chacón separa la razón de la locura
2020/11/15. Clavoardiendo: Blanca Munt ganadora del V Fiebre Dummy Award
2020/09/18. Broad Magazine: Modern Cavalry by Blanca Munt  

PHOTO,  VIDEO  &  GRAPHIC  DESIGN  ︎︎︎  @blancamunt  ︎︎︎